Dining in Barcelona

The author, Mr Dong Dao, has been living in Europe for over twenty years, with a profound knowledge of European cultures and great passion for gourmet food. He travels through countries and drives for thousands of miles. Wherever he goes, he must visit various kinds of local restaurants, seeing the West in a Chinese point of view, digesting a different civilization with a Chinese stomach, and tickling the foreign cultures with a Chinese tongue.


1. Aligué Restaurant
2. CIUDAD CONDAL Cerveceria
3. Casa Jordi Restaurant 1968
4. Gorria Restaurante
5. Restaurante Botafumeiro
6. Restaurante Marisk
7. Cal Pupinet Restaurant
8. Parco Sushi Sashimi
9. Restaurante Tritón
10. Cervecería Catalana
11. Bilbao
12. Can Valis Restaurant
13. Boca Chica
14. El Trapio
15. Restaurant Via Vento
16. Memorias de China
17. Rías de Galicia
18. L'olla de Sichuan
19. La Deliciosa Comida Taiwan
20. Fonda Gaig Restaurant
21. Passadís del Pep
22. Other Tips
23. Jamón
24. Mas Parés